Ben’s Biography

Ben’s qualifications

-Basics of fall prevention
-BFA Specialized Honours Theatre Studies
-G license
-Experienced in Microsoft
Word and Excel
-Typing speed 50 words
per minute
-Published fiction writer


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Ben Steele was born in London, England, moving with his family to Canada at the age of 13. Canadians think he still sounds English but Brits only hear a Canadian. He developed a penchant for entertaining at an early age and progressed from class clown to acting by the age of 6, when he appeared in a short film, Rain. He then featured in a UK television documentary at the age of 9, as the ITV Channel 4 cameras followed his first trip from London to Ontario for the series Moving People.

Having discovered the additional joys of pulling actors’ strings for a production in high school, he took up a place at York University to study Theatre for his BFA. He gained skills and experience in writing, direction, theatre in education and a variety of tech functions.

Ben has chosen to return to Waterloo Region to take part in the wide range of local theatrical activities. He currently works and volunteers at local theatres, has had a short story published and is currently writing a novel and his fourth one-act play.

His other interests include photography and experimental cookery. Ben would like to form his own theatre company in the future and values every contact he makes within the world of live arts.

Looking for a writer?

Please see the Website Copy page for a list of Ben’s professional writing services.

Are you an employer?

Please see the Theatre Tech page for an overview of Ben’s skills and theatre experience and the Bio page for a full resumé.

Are you looking for scripts?

Ben has a series of unique one-act plays designed for high school and non-profit use. Please see the Written Word page for full details.

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