Current Projects

This page will be updated regularly as Ben’s projects progress and change. Keep an eye on it if you’re interested!


Waiting for Godot.

I’ve partnered with Laura Johnson, a local lighting designer, in order to put on a production of our favourite play. The absurdist piece by Samuel Beckett will mark my first experience directing a full length play. Auditions begin mid July, and the play  will open KW Little Theatre’s season in September. Check out this facebook page for more information about the auditions and this facebook page for the main event.

Dream for Uganda


Ben and his mum taking part in a workshop with the students from Uganda, run by Kathleen Gould Lundy of York University.

I love these guys! Not long ago I got involved with a group of people and charitable organizations that helped to build a school in Rural Uganda. You can read about that here. My involvement began when they decided to bring a group of students from Uganda to Canada, to perform as a fundraising venture. Having spent some time with the students, I fell in love with the cause. One of my professors from York University, Kathleen Lundy spent a few hours with the students, uncovering fascinating stories through a drama workshop. I plan to work more closely with Dream for Uganda in the future, they are already planning to bring more students over in two years time!


A Novel!

The cast and crew of Purgatory 2012

The cast and crew of Purgatory 2012

Having published a short story, I’ve decided that it’s time to tackle something a little bigger. A good friend of mine has been itching to write one as well, and so we decided to collaborate. The first novel of what we hope will be a series is currently in its planning stages. This is a personal project, so it doesn’t have a time line yet. Stay tuned for updates and more information.

eyeGO Youth Council.

At eyeGO our goal is to promote, support, and facilitate arts events specifically with youth in mind in the Kitchener/Waterloo region. I’m very excited to be encouraging and enabling new generations of artists to explore their dreams. Look for eyeGO events on the facebook page, admission for high school students will always be $5!

Looking for a writer?

Please see the Website Copy page for a list of Ben’s professional writing services.

Are you an employer?

Please see the Theatre Tech page for an overview of Ben’s skills and theatre experience and the Bio page for a full resumé.

Are you looking for scripts?

Ben has a series of unique one-act plays designed for high school and non-profit use. Please see the Written Word page for full details.

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