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Published Fiction

Damn Faeries Anthology 2011

Damn Faeries Anthology 2011

One Good Night is a modern fairy tale about punishment and redemption. It is published in Damn Faeries, an anthology of short stories by Divertir Publishing, edited by Elizabeth Harvey.

“Some people never “grow out of faerie tales”. For some, they’re a part of everyday life and there’s no escaping the magic and mystery that lurk around every corner. Unfortunately, sometimes that magic is downright irritating. Damn Faeries is a collection of faerie tales for those that never quite grew out of them. There’s no telling what surprises and horrors lie around every nook and cranny of this book. The tales within are designed to amuse and delight, inspire and entertain, and remind us that magic is only ever a pixie’s wing away.”

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One-Act Plays

I have a small collection of short plays that are perfect for high schools and small theatres. My aim with each of these plays is to be challenging without restrictive or expensive tech requirements. If you’re interested in reading or performing any of these plays, please Contact me for full details.
Purgatory. Genre: drama, a tragic fable.

Inspired by Ancient Greek myth, but taking the form of a modern fable, Purgatory takes a step into the absurd in order to examine the harsh reality of death.

I was inspired to write Purgatory by the work my mother does as a grief counsellor. Death is a complicated issue and people rarely deal with it in ways we expect. I feel that the political language surrounding death often pushes the emotional needs of the dying and their families out of focus. Purgatory is not a political statement, rather an exploration of the emotional impact of death, and the true meaning of dignity.

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Dress! Genre: comedy, a theatrical farce.

It’s the day, the only day left before opening night. The actors are as ready as they’re ever going to be, any outstanding issues must be dealt with quickly or forgotten, and and it’s the last chance to get the tech right. A small audience has been invited to witness the prelude to a triumph of theatrical talent, but things are looking a bit wobbly… We’ve all worked with one of those people but what happens when all of those people work together? Chaos ensues.

Eggs Any Style Genre: comedy, farce. (Still in editing.)

A somewhat autobiographical farce about a family who own and run a bed and breakfast. Ab Fab with a splash of Fawlty Towers and some strange goings-on that really did happen. Customer service is stressful enough when the difficult people leave, and you can go home. But what if home is where the client is?

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